Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Macka B - Mi Nuh Normal (New Single)

Macka B



Top Secret Music


Digital Release: 20 August 2021




Macka B is hailed as one of the greatest lyricists in Reggae music today. Macka B has the ability to make you smile, dance and contemplate at the same time. This latest release is no exception, delivered in Macka B's unique style over a pulsating, dancehall beat.


Macka B questions peoples’ perception of normal, suggesting to the listener that what is deemed as normal may not be so normal after all.


Brilliantly produced by one of Jamaica's leading producers Top Secret Music.

Humorous and thought provoking; Macka B always delivers music with a message.


Look out for the lyric video coming soon to Macka B’s YouTube channel.

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  1. Love Macka B and love to reimagine what is normal too!