Sunday, 17 January 2021

Riddim Wise & Iba Mahr present “Street & Lane“

Following his hits “Million Thoughts” and “Concentrate” Iba Mahr starts the year strong with “Street & Lane”

The chemistry is evident as Iba Mahr powerful lyrics and unique voice are perfectly displayed by Riddim Wise signature heavy roots sound. In these unprecedented times, this song reminds us that love conquers all, no matter what the challenge is. 

This year also marks a special milestone for Riddim Wise as they celebrate their 20th Anniversary. Join them as they continue their mission to spread a positive message through music.

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Saturday, 16 January 2021

Edley Shine's New Visual and Single 'BIG MON TING' Boast Grown Up Music and Vibes

Washington, DC -- January 2021 -- International artist Edley Shine has perfected an Adult Contemporary Dancehall space with his music, style and vibes. The amazing artist, notably dubbed "Da Big Voice," once again proves that he can deliver grown up and entertaining music with the self reflecting "BIG MON TING."

While "BIG MON TING" is personal to Edley Shine, penned upon finding out he was having a daughter, the song is bound to genuinely resonate with audiences far and wide. Without question, anyone who is ochestrating their evolution and next life moves will connect to the Riddim Boss produced "BIG MON TING" Video & Maxi Single, which includes an 8 Bar Intro and Acoustic Piano Live version on all video and streaming platforms.

When discussing current music and life movements, the legendary artist says, "My main concern is being the best family man I can be and making art to the best of my ability."

Throw all that wisom over a badddd riddim and you've got yourself a tune worthy of you rocking out to all year long and beyond. Consider "BIG MON TING" the newest addition to Edley Shine's growing arsenal of timeless classic.

"BIG MON TING" boasts a highly cinematic video, which was shot by Lapo of Lapography with motion graphics and editing by Studio G.O.A.T from Brazil. The innovative and eye catching video further solidifies the already tenacious appeal of "BIG MON TING."

" 'BIG MON TING' is a visual representation of my mindset in music and life," says Edley Shine sincerely. "I live in my own world of creativity unshackled by the pressures of fame and social media hype."

"BIG MON TING" hails from Edley Shine’s "Based on Talent" EP, which was released in May of 2020 during the height of the pandemic. Notably, the EP (on his Shinealous Records imprint) has amassed a wealth of media attention and thousands of streams across DSPs. This is an incredible feat, as the release was totally independent without any features or financial backing from a major recording company.

"Based on Talent" is far from the only exciting project coming from "Da Big Voice," as the past year saw the artist working with Studio G.O.A.T on the international and powerful "We Can't Breathe" for Brazilian Artist Monkey Jhayam. Much to his credit, Edley Shine appeared in a Walmart commercial that aired during the 2020 B.E.T. Soul Train Awards. The legendary artist has been writing and recording for several Cali Roots projects including Pepper, Producer’s Jungle Josh & David Forel (Left Coast Riddim) and Philippian’s based Peace Band to be released in 2021.



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NEW MUSIC!! BLU LYON - BAD VYBZ (Yardstyle Entertainment)

Blu Lyon - Bad Vybz Produced by JJ Wizzle & Rico Tayla


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Damian “Keywee” Morgan was born in Manchester jamaica, he moved to portmore to pursue his dream to become a musician. 

He is presently signed to 7gate record out of Toronto Canada.

The song is Produced by 7Gate Record and Distributed by Zojak World Wide.

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Wandr Productions is a recording label based in the United States, specializing in Dancehall and Reggae genres, with Afro-beats infusions and a hint of Hip-Hop flavors mixed in. Owned and operated by Jamaica-born, Florida-based Tim McCaw, who migrated from Kingston in 1995. Tim came up with the name “Wandr” from his passions – music and traveling, which coincides hand in hand for him on a regular basis. Being born into a musically-inclined family, Tim knew he wanted to be a producer from a very young age.

His father is a musician who has taught music for years and plays most instruments. His older sister, Kristine Alicia, is a music teacher, singer and songwriter. His older brother is also a music teacher who plays the piano fluently. Tim began producing at the age of 17 with his younger brother, who is also a producer and recording artiste, 17Forevr. His younger sister is a poet, songwriter and bass guitar player. His youngest brother is a guitar player, singer and songwriter as well.

I was the one that was more chill out of the bunch and preferred to play by ear rather than learn the instrument. I always enjoyed creating and figuring out the sound as to what sounds good to my ear.”

The main focus had been on gaining entrepreneurship skills and traveling, but his love for music never dwindled. The upcoming producer is taking things more seriously with his passion for music by embarking on this new adventure with the establishing of Wandr Productions. The worldwide pandemic of 2020 also aided in shifting his focus more on music and began working on his first rhythm compilation, the Jelly Bean Riddim. After traveling for years while his siblings thrived in their individual music careers, Tim decided to officially take the leap into his inevitable fate. Little did he know he would be consorting with the Young Legend himself, Gage.

Tim had been working with a few upcoming artistes from Jamaica and the United States, enlisting five of them for his first project with the hopes of all succeeding after its release. Working on it throughout 2020, Tim wanted to add a big-name artiste in order to make the Jelly Bean Riddim stand out. While he got through to a few established acts, none reciprocated the same level of tenacity for recording on the beat as Tim had expected. It wasn’t until his sister-in-law reached out to her cousin, Lesley Hayles, that things seemed to turn for the best. Lesley, a PR and Entertainment Manager who works with Gage and other top-tier artistes in Jamaica, forwarded the instrumental to Gage who loved the beat and recorded a track instantaneously.

Yeah, them new to di ting but all a we did new at one point too. All we did need is a chance and nothing don’t wrong if we bigger artistes help out the smaller people who a try do them thing, worse if the talent is there,Gage stated when asked why he did the song for an unknown label.

Tim is honored to be able to credit Gage as the most popular artiste he has worked with. The album features 5 other artistes, namely D Fluid, Solstarr, Kaibanon, Roy G and the sole female, Ayaana Nash.

Track List

1. D Fluid – “Mr Clean” 

2. Solstarr – “Boom

3. Kaibanon – “G Spot

4. Roy G – “Give Me That

5. Gage – “Bruck It

6. Ayaana Nash – “Drip

The beat was built and produced by Tim McCaw for his Wandr Productions label. Every track was mixed by Nile Browne, an engineer based in Kingston and a graphic artist who also designed and created the album’s cover art. They were mastered by Jemoi “JTWiss” Montieth. Distributed by The Thirties, Inc./EQ Distribution, the Jelly Bean Riddim will be released on January 15, 2021.

Tim believes he is more than equipped with all the necessary tools to bring Wandr Productions to the forefront of Jamaica’s competitive music industry. With the Jelly Bean Riddim, Tim has his sights sets on even greater things once it is out. Wandr Productions has other projects in the works, including an EP from Kristine Alicia slated to drop later on in 2021 and singles by 17Forevr.

With all the craziness going on during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Tim and the entire team at Wandr Productions are hoping to bring some sanity and good vibes for the New Year with every track from the Jelly Bean Riddim and all future releases. Tim is grateful to his family, his team at Wandr Productions, Gage and all the artistes involved in this project for the support in making Jelly Bean Riddim a reality.



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Monday, 11 January 2021

Sleepy Hallowtips Artist Bio

“Do something that has never been done before” This is a phrase that dancehall artiste Sleepy Hallowtips lives by and incorporates into his music every time he steps into the studio and dons a pair of headphones. His award nominated song “From A Place” propelled him into the dancehall arena in 2008, causing many onlookers to say his potential is limitless. Born Joel Phipps, Sleepy Hallowtips always considered Jamaica ‘his place’. With roots in the communities of Kencot and Jungle, Sleepy Hallowtips credits his surroundings for encouragement and inspiration for his music. The name Sleepy was given to him by friends while growing up because of his appearance and demeanor. Sleepy added the “Hallowtips” later in his career to represent “danger and intensity” Music is the climax of Sleepy’s artistic talent and he always saw himself as an entertainer. He also would say that he had a rough musical journey – from getting his songs out, to being recorded by producers.

He got his break in 2008, when he linked up with Roshaun “Bay-C” Clarke from the group T.O.K. The musical chemistry between the two was instant. Sleepy Hallowtip’s breakout single “From A Place” was voiced for Bay-C’s Bombrush label, resulting in Sleepy being signed as the flagship artist for Bombrush Records. In 2009, Sleepy shined on the Bombrush Hour album which peaked at number 17 on the Japanese album charts. Currently, he is lighting up the airwaves with two new singles. The first entitled “The Forgottens”, is a riveting heart felt narration of the conditions of the inner city youths, and the second,... an infectious club banger called “Bring it back” for the party massive.

Sleepy Hallowtips is an artiste with a mission. He is determined to make dancehall and reggae music, the leading genres of music in the world, he also plans to imprint the Bombrush label worldwide and push the limits of music. For Sleepy, music reflects the struggle of ghetto people and the reality of life.

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