Saturday, 23 January 2021

Eesah, Capleton & Lutan Fyah - The Beginning of Time (Official Audio)

The timely track “The Beginning of Time” by Eesah, Capleton & Lutan Fyah released around the official start of the decade according to the “New Style Calendar”. 

A tribute to H.I.M. Haile Selassie (Power of the Trinity), recognized globally as a direct descendent of King Solomon & The Queen of Sheba. In 1930 crowned in Ethiopia with the extraordinary titles of Kings of Kings, Lord of Lords, Light of Saba, the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah. 

Members of the Rastafari movement & international recording artists Eesah, Capleton & Lutan Fyah deliver this message magnificently. From intro Eesah, the music industry veteran that is taking everyone by surprise, delivers in a mystical style. Mid verse comes the roar from globally respected artist Lutan Fyah, followed by one of the most recognized contemporary Reggae artists “King Shango” Capleton. 

Irresistible music production from longtime tastemaker / DJ / Producer, King I-Vier and Grammy Nominated production duo Loud City. Co-production credit to Caspa Productions for help with recording. “The Beginning of Time” will be a Rasta anthem and a favorite of music fans for many years to come. 

Stream / download link:

Label: King I-Vier Music 

Release Date: January 22nd, 2021 

Produced by King I-Vier, Loud City Music & Caspa Productions

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

French Reggae Artist Jazzy Lei Releases Impactful Debut EP 'Satya'

January 2021 -- Paris, France -- Out now is the delightful debut EP from Jazzy Lei called "Satya." A sanskrit word for "The Truth," the beautiful singer, songwriter and musician who hails from France, upholds every bit of it on her new Reggae effort. In fact, trans 6 mind blowing tracks, the chanteuse croons her truths, complete with  messages of positivity, enlightenment, social consciousness and reflection.

Stunning vocals adorn powerhouse riddims, infused with elements of dub, soul and world music on "Satya." The musically magical EP was co-produced by Jazzy Lei and Jamaican artist and producer Roe Summerz, who she connected with via the legendary Edley Shine.

With the lead single "Nineveh," Jazzy Lei generated quite the buzz ahead of the EP's release. In the heartfelt single, the talent channels the story of Jonah defying God's command to prophesy to the ancient city of "Nineveh" for their wickedness and instead fleeing -- only to be saved and forgiven by God to be called back to "Nineveh" again.

In the hook, she croons, "We can’t run away from ourselves." Jazzy Lei explains,   "Ultimately, just like Jonah, we can do whatever we like, try to flee, try not to look at ourselves in the mirror, filling our time with all sort of hobbies and entertainment, but we’re just loosing time because our destiny is our destiny and we must be God’s tool at any cost."

The balance of songs on "Satya" are equally powerful, invoking us to look within and take steps to recognize our power and purpose in this journey called life. Impactful messages over signature Reggae grooves provide the ideal pandemic playlist.

It's safe to say that absolutely every track on this stellar effort is a banger, literally! While "Bang Bang" may have you ready for a revolution, improvising lick shots inna the air, "Burning" and "Break Free" will move you to spread your wings and soar!  "Satya" will take you away unapologetically. Whether it's Jazzy Lei's amazing vocals, guitar riffs, incredible productions or inspirational lyrics, "Satya" will  leave an indelible mark on Reggae music.

Jazzy Lei's love of music manifested during childhood as a resident choir singer, soloist and musician. With a craft and musical passion impressively evolving over the years, by 2007, the France native joined the Creole Hip Hop group "Sked Skwad," where she was officially crowned Jazzy Lei.  The amazing artist's entry into the Reggae world culminated with the digital and vinyl 2014 release "Change" on Dub Livity Sound System's Frenchtown HiFi Vol. 1. Released in the U.S., "Change" has been a top pick among international DJs and music lovers.


01 - Jazzy Leï - Bang Bang (3:45)

02 - Jazzy Leï - One (3:13)

03 - Jazzy Leï - Burning (3:52)

04 - Jazzy Leï - Relax Yourself (3:59)

05 - Jazzy Leï - Break Free (3:15)

06 - Jazzy Leï - Nineveh (3:55)




Sunday, 17 January 2021

Riddim Wise & Iba Mahr present “Street & Lane“

Following his hits “Million Thoughts” and “Concentrate” Iba Mahr starts the year strong with “Street & Lane”

The chemistry is evident as Iba Mahr powerful lyrics and unique voice are perfectly displayed by Riddim Wise signature heavy roots sound. In these unprecedented times, this song reminds us that love conquers all, no matter what the challenge is. 

This year also marks a special milestone for Riddim Wise as they celebrate their 20th Anniversary. Join them as they continue their mission to spread a positive message through music.

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Saturday, 16 January 2021

Edley Shine's New Visual and Single 'BIG MON TING' Boast Grown Up Music and Vibes

Washington, DC -- January 2021 -- International artist Edley Shine has perfected an Adult Contemporary Dancehall space with his music, style and vibes. The amazing artist, notably dubbed "Da Big Voice," once again proves that he can deliver grown up and entertaining music with the self reflecting "BIG MON TING."

While "BIG MON TING" is personal to Edley Shine, penned upon finding out he was having a daughter, the song is bound to genuinely resonate with audiences far and wide. Without question, anyone who is ochestrating their evolution and next life moves will connect to the Riddim Boss produced "BIG MON TING" Video & Maxi Single, which includes an 8 Bar Intro and Acoustic Piano Live version on all video and streaming platforms.

When discussing current music and life movements, the legendary artist says, "My main concern is being the best family man I can be and making art to the best of my ability."

Throw all that wisom over a badddd riddim and you've got yourself a tune worthy of you rocking out to all year long and beyond. Consider "BIG MON TING" the newest addition to Edley Shine's growing arsenal of timeless classic.

"BIG MON TING" boasts a highly cinematic video, which was shot by Lapo of Lapography with motion graphics and editing by Studio G.O.A.T from Brazil. The innovative and eye catching video further solidifies the already tenacious appeal of "BIG MON TING."

" 'BIG MON TING' is a visual representation of my mindset in music and life," says Edley Shine sincerely. "I live in my own world of creativity unshackled by the pressures of fame and social media hype."

"BIG MON TING" hails from Edley Shine’s "Based on Talent" EP, which was released in May of 2020 during the height of the pandemic. Notably, the EP (on his Shinealous Records imprint) has amassed a wealth of media attention and thousands of streams across DSPs. This is an incredible feat, as the release was totally independent without any features or financial backing from a major recording company.

"Based on Talent" is far from the only exciting project coming from "Da Big Voice," as the past year saw the artist working with Studio G.O.A.T on the international and powerful "We Can't Breathe" for Brazilian Artist Monkey Jhayam. Much to his credit, Edley Shine appeared in a Walmart commercial that aired during the 2020 B.E.T. Soul Train Awards. The legendary artist has been writing and recording for several Cali Roots projects including Pepper, Producer’s Jungle Josh & David Forel (Left Coast Riddim) and Philippian’s based Peace Band to be released in 2021.



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NEW MUSIC!! BLU LYON - BAD VYBZ (Yardstyle Entertainment)

Blu Lyon - Bad Vybz Produced by JJ Wizzle & Rico Tayla


Listen on Reverbnation


Damian “Keywee” Morgan was born in Manchester jamaica, he moved to portmore to pursue his dream to become a musician. 

He is presently signed to 7gate record out of Toronto Canada.

The song is Produced by 7Gate Record and Distributed by Zojak World Wide.

Itunes Link:

Watch Official Video