Saturday, 13 February 2021

Jahvel Di Bless One

The surname of JAHVEL will show the talent of three generation in one family.

Born Javan Burrell July 27th 1995, music was a talent running through JAHVEL’s blood. JAHVEL’s father and grandfather are well known for doing reggae music; Culture Dollar is his father and his grandfather-in the legend icon of Roland Burrell – Also known as Mr Johnny Dollar.

JAHVEL has now come to bring a new lane of reggae music for the current generation to enjoy. In the early stages of his career, he was known as J. Blacks, but later decided to add part of his given middle name to derive with his current stage name as JAHVEL -which means ‘gift of god’, later adding ‘Di Bless One’ after realizing that he is the first born and only son for both parents.

At the age of 12, JAHVEL wrote his first official song called “baby I love you”, while he was still attending school (Newell High School), he was deemed the most talented student on the school compound.

JAHVEL is a fantastic young and upcoming reggae and dancehall artist who signed to Hamage Records Canada release of “brace it” created a huge online boom and received over 65k views on YouTube.

JAHVEL has a style of music that brings in both Mystical and Futuristic elements to dancehall.

FRESH, Every pree, Yam Baba are JAHVEL's latest Single releases on VEVO JahvelOfficialVEVO.

JAHVEL is currently working on his debut album call ‘Euphony ’. Album coming soon

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