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Jamaican sensation, Yaksta, gains applause on his US tour as the release of his new single "Tic Toc" makes a loud noise
Cover art for Yaksta's new hit "Tic Toc", produced by Frankie Music

2022 is shaping up to be another busy year for Jamaican Reggae singer and songwriter, Kemaul Martin, professionally known as ‘Yaksta (Bush Lawd)’. 


In July 2022, the St. Mary-born artist teamed up with Grammy Award-winning producer, Frankie Music, on their most recent dancehall release “Tic Toc”. The song was released Friday 15th July 2022, and has already received an encouraging response from fans.


"Tic Toc" is available to stream and enjoy on all digital streaming platforms.

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Yaksta - Tic Toc (Official Video)

Tic Toc” follows a fantastic run of singles from Yaksta. In June 2022, Yaksta released “Clap”, a comical feel-good banger. To celebrate its release, Yaksta started a TikTok challenge for the best dance routine with a first-place prize of JMD $50,000.

Cover art for 👏"Clap"👏 OUT NOW!

Tic Toc", along with “Clap”, are proving themselves to be THE anthems of the summer as contestants continue to enter the “Clap” challenge.

Watch the Official Music Video for ‘Clap’ NOW!

Yaksta has successfully utilised his management in the United States and the United Kingdom to make a name for himself outside Jamaica. His biggest hit single to date, “Ambition,” has garnered 12 million views on YouTube and counting since it dropped last year and is a firm favourite with his growing fan base in the Diaspora. Ambition is an inspirational, award-winning song from Yaksta, who focuses heavily on entrepreneurship and generational wealth in his songs.

Yaksta accepting the JaRIA Song of the Year Award for his song "Ambition"

Having made his first major appearance in the United States in May 2022 at one of Florida’s biggest Dancehall Festivals (Best of the Best Music Festival), Yaksta’s popularity exploded after a remarkable performance to crowds that gathered in the rain to sing along with him. This marked the beginning of a successful tour of The Americas as sporadic booking requests followed. Flying from the US mainland to other countries and Islands in The Americas has been an exciting experience for Yaksta who commented:


“2022 means something special to me. I have enjoyed some of the best experiences of my life on this journey. My hard work and belief have paid off.”

On Saturday 23 July 2022, Yaksta performed at Reggae SumFest in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The festival has always been an important platform for showcasing Jamaica’s finest musical talent. Yaksta’s Reggae SumFest 2022 performance (where he appeared with a goat) is a real topic for discussion, particularly his stage presence, his engagement with the crowd, his message and its remarkable delivery. He takes it in his stride and says:

“I can’t forget where I’m from and I can’t forget the Jamaican people. It’s a short flight back home from America so it’s doable. I’ve always enjoyed Reggae SumFest so being a part of it this year was an honour to me.”

Yaksta performing at Reggae SumFest on Saturday 23 July 2022

In October 2022, Yaksta will follow through with a UK Tour and he already has studio sessions pre-booked with major record label artists in collaboration with Runabeat Music UK and Wuss Muzikk USA.


Yaksta's US-based manager, Sanjay from WussMusikk, is excited for Yaksta’s UK debut:


‘We can’t wait to hear what Yaksta creates in the studio with all these UK-based acts. Whatever happens, we will certainly expand his global audience and we will surely have a great experience in London. We are living our music dreams right now.’

Yaksta's fans are encouraged to stream, listen and share both “Tic Toc” and “Clap”.

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