Sunday, 31 October 2021

Yaksta's New Song 'Free My People' Breaks Free on Social Media and Exceeds All Expectations


Cover Artwork for 'Free My People' released on 18 October 2021
Jamaican recording artiste, Yaksta, releases 'FREE MY PEOPLE' in the midst of a Coronavirus lockdown situation in Jamaica.  The song was first released on his Youtube channel on 18 October 2021, before hitting the digital streaming platforms soon afterwards.  The song's cover artwork shows Yaksta with his arms wide open, as if calling for freedom whilst absorbing nature's beautiful freshness and space.
Speaking to Yaksta, Runabeat Media reporter, Yanna Ricketts, discovered that his intentions are far from political and the song was created last year, he explained:

"Well it's like this: I released 'That Time Again' in July 2021 to celebrate us coming out of lockdown only to realise it's that time again for lockdowns with 'no movement days' in place.  We found ourselves unable to go out even on Jamaica's National Heroes Day on Monday, the 18th of this month (October). It was a kind of irony so I remember I had done recorded the song, 'FREE MY PEOPLE', because most heros in history fought for freedom.  We need to be free from all viruses" he said.
Yaksta in a white suit
At the time of writing 'FREE MY PEOPLE' had exceeded all expectations for Yaksta and his Team on YouTube.  The video was directed by Davy Frsh, a trusted and talented creator in Jamaica's music video industry, and has received a wave of positive comments along with the song.  The song's lyrics and the strong, superb vocals from featured artiste, Nicola Jasmiin, fix together beautifully for a sweet, memorable chorus.
Yaksta's US-based manager, Sanjay Negus added:

"We have never had such a rapid demand for dubs and specials off one song. Within hours our DJs and sound systems were onto us for specials. We are currently getting collab requests from different places in Europe and Africa too. I guess this is another break-away song by Yaksta that speaks to the people, but we never expected it to go like this to be honest. It is as if Yaksta's freedom call has connected with the people. We want to thank everyone for the love they have shown to Yaksta, not only for this song but for the whole movement."
The 'FREE MY PEOPLE' music video is available on Yaksta's YouTube channel:
'Free My People' Official Video - by Yaksta (Bush Lawd) featuring Nicola Jasmiin

'FREE MY PEOPLE' is available on all digital streaming platforms to listen and share:

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