Tuesday, 16 February 2021

[New Music] Jah Vezl - If U Fi Know

Jah Blessings. New Music from the young spiritually talented Artist Jah Vezl song titled "IF U FI KNOW" produced by WhiteBlacks. Jah Vezl is well gifted with songs of upliftment, "IF U FI KNOW" sees Jah Vezl express his love for an empress call it true love prior releases include "Nah Give Up", "Fearless", "Lord Deliver Me" and "Better Days" featuring StillVillin.

"IF U FI KNOW" is now Available for streaming on all leading digital music platforms. 

Stream/Download Link: https://songwhip.com/jahvezl/if-you-fi-know 

"Dah One yah a from the Heart❤" Jah Vezl had to say.

 Follow Jah Vezl on SPOTIFY and check out his Music Catalogue. Jah Blessings and love.❤💚💛

Stream "IF U FI KNOW" on YouTube

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