Saturday, 5 December 2020

Macka B - Gentrification - New EP on Peckings Records

Macka B returns to Peckings Records to follow up on one of his most successful album projects which contained the single, ‘MedicalMarijuana Card’ that amassed over one million hits on Youtube.

Known affectionately as “The Big Rastaman” Macka B has been at the forefront of UK reggae music for 30 years.  From his humble beginnings on Sound Systems in the UK he has become an internationally respected Reggae artist playing festivals all over the world.  He is renowned for his social commentary and his positive, uplifting and conscious lyrics.

In 2017 Macka B began a series of regular acapella videos released on his social channels - Medical Mondays and Wha' Me Eat Wednesdays.  The releases proved very popular and the video for 'Cucumba' became a viral hit (80M views to date) and was picked up by mainstream media (Vice, DailyMail) and appearances on UK terrestrial TV shows including GMB. Macka B recounts these events in the track ‘Cucumbato di World’ which also has an official video with over 100K hits.

The EP is out now on Peckings Records.


Gentrification Video

The brand new video for the title track, Gentrification, launched today on Macka B’s website and features the The Big Rastaman as a news anchor reporting live on the Wha Gwarn News.


Gentrification EP Tracklisting

01.  Gentrification

02.  Cucumba to Di World         

03.  Face to Face 

04.  Up Ye Mighty Race  

05.  Call on Jah   

06.  Never Played A 45 - DJ Jeph Remix

07.  Never Played A 45 - The Hempolics Remix

Link with Macka B

Photography credit: Andrew Cotterill


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