Tuesday, 3 November 2020

ZJ Elektra calls for UNITY

ZJ Elektra has a new song out and it features Black Mattic, Dre Island and Kabaka Pyramid. The song titled Unity will be released on all major streaming platforms on November 11, 2020

Unity as the name suggests is all about togetherness, a key element which this nation needs. The world is changing before our eyes and so is the music, how the music is made, how we listen to it and how we go about promoting has evolved and will continue to do so. With so much happening this year (ie. the COVID-19 pandemic), everyone had to switch gears and become more creative. Unity represents what we need for the dancehall culture, unity and evolution. We need to come together, work together, rise and achieve together. 
In the midst of the CO-VID 19 pandemic, this song speaks to the heart of the world as we are experiencing things like never before such as lockdowns, curfews, closure of businesses, schools forced to close and replaced with virtual learning, wearing of masks and even distancing of family and friends. This pandemic seeks to divide everyone and instill loneliness and fear.  Despite the fact that this song was in the making before the actual pandemic, Unity was completed during the midst of the chaos and it made its way as a song of hope and a positive outcome for the future.
ZJ Elektra wanted to make a song that would have a positive impact. “I love making songs that sound different and also where the collaborative energy is different.”
The song speaks about the journey one has to go through and encourages listeners to never stop trying.
“Together we rise divided we fall
 Let Jah lead the way at the end of the day
 Never stop pray for a brighter day
We shall overcome at the end of the day”
In the dancehall industry, we have seen the rise and downfall of many and also the resurrection of a few.  It is often noted that the industry is more divided in more ways than one and as such the song points to people coming together instead of fighting each other.
The song is applicable to everyone as there are people who feel like giving up or have given up. Unity serves to reignite the fire inside each of us and inspire them to inspire others, to never give up and to spread love to each and everyone.
ZJ Elektra, Black Mattic, Dre Island and Kabaka Pyramid came together and blended their talents on this track. Undoubtedly, Unity offers to any ear that listens, a message of light at the end of the tunnel.

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