Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Ashleye Scarlette - Biography

Ashley Ayuma, popularly known as Ashleye Scarlette is a Kenyan singer / song writer and recording artist born in the Lake Side city of Kisumu, western Kenya and currently residing in Dubai. The versatile and immensely talented artist discovered her passion for music at the tender age of 12 while still in elementary school. Growing up in a family of three siblings, Ashleye found her natural audience who enjoyed regular nagging from her insistent singing that gradually developed into profound flair for composing and performing her music to larger audiences over the years.
With tremendous influence from other great female artists that have impacted African music from the Lake Side region, such as Mercy Myra, Suzzana Awiyo and Achieng Obura, Ashleye Scarlette aspires to carry on the great legacy of creating music that resonates with the hearts of audiences from all walks of life with her unique sound that borrows elements of traditional folk and contemporary R&B sound.
Delving into the topic of love and society, Ashley’s music covers a broader spectrum of the day to day experiences that inspire her writing. Her debut single, Catch my breath produced by Ryez of Ryez Entertainment captures the essence of a romantic relationship in the smooth laid back love song that enjoyed great reception from audiences locally in Kenya and beyond. The fusion of Swahili in her music has also created an enjoyable listening experience to her growing fan base.
As a follow up to the debut single, Ashley released her 2nd hit single late 2017, It’s you, a feel good song with a different style of production proving her versatile nature and flair for serenading her audiences. Ashleye has graced different stages both in Kenya and Dubai, harnessing her art of delivering high quality charged performances to different range of audiences, the most recent being the African Artists Night at Chelsea plaza hotel, Dubai. 
Ashleye Scarlette hit single Yule was recently added To The Long Road Riddim. Kenyan selector, DJ Montez, who is also a part of the Blakkwuman22 Music team, did the remix, It can be streamed and downloaded via SoundCloud.
She continues to consistently etch her legacy not only as a singer and performing artist but also as an influencer through art, using social media and other platforms to deliver her talent in music to the world. Her music is readily available online on different platforms such as YouTube, Mdundo, Soundcloud among others. The journey to the top for Ashley is promising! Her undeterred dedication for becoming a formidable force and a name to be reckoned with on the African music footprint, in an out of Africa cannot go unnoticed.
Ashleye Scarlette-Yule (Official Video)
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