Thursday, 3 February 2022

New single: MA1CO1M x KIBIR LA AMLAK - "FI DI KINGDOM" - Before Zero Records


Ma1co1m x Kibir La Amlak

Fi Di Kingdom

Before Zero Records

Digital Release: 11 Feb 2022


Ma1co1m x Kibir La Amlak - Fi Di Kingdom over ArtC

“UK Fire! Deep and Heavy… Advanced. I like it. I like it a lot…
Reminds me a lot of the late great Akae Beka. Real heavy spiritual roots music”


- Ras Kwame - Reggae Recipe, Capital Xtra, UK

Ma1co1m, a young member of the RasTafari faith, is an artist difficult to categorise. His maternal heritage Ugandan, his paternal Norwegian and he himself currently residing in Stockholm, Sweden. Ma1co1m hails from a new generation of RasTafari musicians, who, although rooted in the ancient foundation of RasTafari reggae and inspired by the greats from Bob to Bunny to Prince Fari, his principal musical inspiration comes from the works of Vaughn Benjamin, aka Akae Beka / the voice of Midnite. It therefore goes without saying that Ma1co1m’s lyrical content is heavily steeped in mysticism, with an often ethereal quality, somewhere between prayer and poetry.  90’s born and raised against the backdrop of millennial culture, Ma1co1m has long followed a calling away from the virtues of the modern world and rooted himself in permaculture projects in Uganda, plant medicine and a keen advocate of sports, athleticism and fitness. Ma1co1m is an artist with a mission and a vision, in the divine inspiration of Haile Selassie I, ‘to become a member of a new race’.

Ma1co1m on top of the world with the sun shining, Fi Di Kingdom

Fi Di Kingdom, is the first of many collaborations between Ma1co1m and London based producer and sound system, Kibir La Amlak. A track that was allowed to become exactly what ‘it’ wanted to be, the riddim was built on a Friday, vocals recorded on Saturday and video shot on Sunday. Just as with Ma1co1m as an artist, one will struggle to accurately confine this track to a specific genre, it's definitely dub, but also hip-hop and trap, its slow in tempo but in places feels fast paced, its electronic and acoustic, yet one thing which is undeniable is its heavy and deep. An enchanting mbira line summons ancestral forces, the nyahbingi drum sanctifies the ceremonial proceedings and the drum and bass roots the track like a tree well planted by a river of water, providing the perfect tapestry for Ma1co1m to deliver a combination of poetic, prayerful, chanting, rapping, singing, militant yet gentle word sound and power.


1 - Fi Di Kingdom - Ma1co1m x Kibir La Amlak

2 - Universal Healing Dub - Kibir La Amlak

3 - Fi Di Kingdom (Slew Goliath Mix) - Ma1co1m x Kibir La Amlak

4 - Fi Di Kingdom Instrumental - Kibir La Amlak

Ma1co1m in full colour

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UK Fire! Deep and Heavy… Advanced. I like it. I like it a lot. Reminds me a lot of the late great Akae Beka. Real heavy spiritual roots music.

Ras Kwame - Reggae Recipe, Capital Xtra - London, UK


Another mystical enchantment from Kibir La Amlak, ah so dem do it! Ma1co1m rides this slow jam with a positive message!

Iration Steppas Sound System - Leeds, UK


Lovely marriage of earthly tones and digital dub.. immersive and meditative bass healing riddim from Kibir La Amlak and words of praise and brilliance from Ma1co1m.. ⚡

DJ Snuff - Roots Manuva / Congo Natty - London, UK


Fi Di Kingdom- Ma1co1m x Kibir La Amlak ... Great tune and great production, knew as soon as I'd heard first 16 bars- this is going in my Worldwide show for January 22.. 2nd tune from the top!

Nick Manasseh - Worldwide FM - London, UK


Another great production from Kibir La Amlak, very nice indeed and great to see another Scandinavian artist rising.

Dominic Reuben - Oslo Reggae Show - Radio Nova - Oslo, Norway


I like the meditative riddim very much and enjoy it's dreamland-like atmosphere. Definitely worthy of playing on my show!

Selecta Andor - Basso Radio - Finland


It's such a finely wrought track - so melodic and meditational within the contemporary Reggae/Nyabinghi framework and I love the Mbira giving it true roots in Africa. The lyrics are so carefully written and magically delivered with an uplifting progression and I easily played it again for myself at least twice after making my show.  Both the artists are new to me and I am very pleased to have found them. I love the development in the dub and the instrumental is a bonus treat. It was interesting deciding what to play after the track - it gave a great dignity to proceedings.

I will follow both artists and look forward to where the partnership goes.

Debbie Golt - Resonance FM / Threads Radio,UK

Kibir La Amlak

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