Sunday, 7 February 2021

Alkashi Leads out with Positive Vibes

Listening to Alkashi’s new single on RTD Life Reset Riddim, I’m compelled to move and vibe on a high mediation to the words as I envision the realities in the lyrics. “Hard Life” is possibly the next ghetto anthem for the streets. The word-play covers the life and livity of certain garrisons in Jamaica where the youths struggle and have to hustle daily just to put food on mama’s table. You can hear the heartbreak as Alkashi wails with his vocals about the fight to survive the roadcode and what some men face daily because of poverty.

Between the vocals and the rhythm, it gives the fans a good balance for conscious listening while vibing through dance.

Yeah! This single is definitely a winner and overall hit in the making.

“Hard Life” is one of the singles on RTD Life Reset Riddim compilation.

Riddim to Dem - RTD is no stranger to hits and solid productions . Now that Life Reset Riddim is ready for its debut release in this compilation we can trust that it will be well received globally. Boogzino adds his style and sonic to the Riddim called “Hope and Pray” and of course this track is clearly resonant to what most men and women face on the daily. They say bad mind worse than obeah, so through prayer and after listening to the intro there’s no secret that reading a psalms is crucial in these days where you can only see a mans’ face but not his heart.

This track fits perfectly like a puzzle in “Life Reset Riddim” compiled body of work and it will be one of the favorites that we’ll be bouncing to in our cars and just about everywhere.

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