Thursday, 17 September 2020

Macka B x Ted Ganung - Stop It, Idiot Ting - Roommate Remix

Macka B x Ted Ganung

Stop It, Idiot Ting (Roommate Remix)

Deeper Vision Recordings, NYC

Juno Exclusive Release: Saturday 12 September 2020

Worldwide Digital Release: Saturday 26 September 2020

"Stop It, Hold on a minute, Idiot Thing, Let's dun with the argument and let Jah love shine within."

For Deeper Vision Recordings 45th release as a label, we present you with one of Britain's most influential dancehall toasters, MackaB alongside NYC producer Ted Ganung for 'Stop It, Idiot Ting' remix by Los Angeles based DJ, Roommate.

California based artist Roommate (Justin McCauley) has a musical career that can be described as prolific and ever changing. After self-releasing his first solo album (Dubfunk vol1) in 2003, he quickly gained musical notoriety in the U.S. counter culture. When dub step first hit the U.S. streets, Roommate was quick to find a love and understanding for the music and began production. Joining forces with L.A. based artist and longtime friend No Thing, the two formed Babylon System which contributed to many of the early U.S. dub step releases such as "50 Blocks Away"," Examination of Time", and "Loaded" to name a few.

Since the Exclusive Juno release on Saturday 12 September 2020, the remix is already climbing the Juno charts and has become the number one best reggae seller.


Vocals/Lyrics: Macka B

Remix by: Roommate

Harmonies: Steve Ital

Vocal Engineer: Dickie Delamix

Recorded at Delamix Studios

Producer: Ted Ganung

Mastered: Nick Burchall

Artwork: Mark Richard



  1. I love the way you linked the artists! Credit where credit is due. Give thanks :-)

    1. Thanks SarahC, your interaction makes it more special, it's incredible how diverse music can be,