Monday, 14 September 2020

Live Naturally - Phil Joseph

In today's modern world we are constantly bombarded with new sounds and images - the latest viral video, the newest "American Idol" or the hottest new radio hit. Sometimes, it all seems to merge into nothingness as everything sounds the same and nothing stands out among the crowd.

However,  sometimes we come across something that is truly great - something that makes us feel alive and gets our feet dancing to the rhythms of Summertime. Let me introduce you to "Live Naturally", the latest ear candy from Phil Joseph - guaranteed to get those heads nodding and feet tapping.

When we think of Reggae we normally harken back to the days of the great Bob Marley but who is bringing us the reggae hits of today? Phil Joseph. "Live Naturally" is Joseph's latest release - a modern reggae hit that is smooth on the senses and a joy to listen to.

Sweet beats, fantastic bass and classic reggae rhythm guitar all make this track shine and really showcase Joseph's ability to write top quality reggae jams. His smooth vocals are warm and perfectly suited for the reggae genre and his well crafted lyrics really showcase his song writing skills that he has clearly been honing for years.

"Live Naturally" has everything that you could want in a reggae song and the words of the chorus will be stuck in your head for a long time. "I want to live naturally, I want to live differently". Joseph's message is one of peace and unity - forget all the junk and let's get together and have some good times. 

If you want to start having some good times, then go out and listen or download this track now. This is one song that will be on your playlist all year long.

"Live Naturally" by Phil Joseph recently received a special music Platinum Award by Distribute Kings quite an achievement, wishing the artist and the song great times ahead.

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