Monday, 10 August 2020

Bobby Hustle & Yungg Tripp - "Stories" Album Release

Stories is the newest Album release by reggae recording artist Bobby Hustle & Yungg Trip. The album features 7 tracks for digital release under More Badder Media/Bobby Hustle Music.

When approached Bobby Hustle had this to say about the Album.  

"I'm so excited to present this project to you. “Stories” is a collection of seven songs written over the last two years. Every track was produced by my friend and longtime tour dj, Yungg Trip. As a producer, he comes from a Reggae, EDM and Future Dancehall background, but we both agreed that we love even more types of music. We talked a lot about how we could create a different sound that was authentic to who we were. I’ve been singing in a reggae style as long as I can remember singing, but these days if you were to see my personal playlists I bet you’d be surprised at the diversity. “Stories” is an attempt to blend some of the styles we love into a new sound.
With the exception of two tracks, it was mixed by my friend Dee Brown. I originally met Dee, who is a Grammy nominated recording/mixing engineer (YG/Kendrick Lamar etc.), through a mutual friend (shout out Dinga!) while I was stuck in Costa Rica in 2017. Flash forward three years and we link up in Los Angeles, where we both now reside. Dee was kind enough to lend his ear to the project and I’m forever grateful for the help.
I want to thank a few more people. Thanks to our bro in Spain, Andy Frenx, for his composition help and mixing work on “Late Nights” and “One Shot”. I’m happy we got to collaborate again!
The last song on the project, “Pour Up (Campfire Mix)”, features my talented friend Jus Goodie on guitar. Thank you Goodie! you shelled it!!! Everybody go follow him and check his new songs as well.
Thank you to Lee Hook from Mad Light Creative in Italy for the mastering work and positive feedback throughout the finishing process.
It might sound cliche, but it’s true. We are independent artists, but it takes a community of people to manifest an idea. Now, we give it to an even greater community of our friends and fans.
Anyways, “Stories” is my latest offering to you. I hope you give it a chance and love it as much as we do!!"
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